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Friday, June 20, 2008

Traveling, Produce, Whatnot

Wow, it's been a month. And I feel like I've had things to say, but not found the time to say them. And now that I find myself with five minutes? Nothing.

Things have been complicated of late by the husband's temporary relocation to California. I believe most folks who might be reading this know that he has taken off to the Bay Area for 10 weeks for a summer associateship. I suppose if you didn't know that, well, you do now.

I headed out to visit last weekend, and will be there for the entire week of July 4th. We'll end up seeing each other every other weekend, in fact. Still sucks, though. Less than when we were long-distance for 2 years, I guess, but... yeah.

And what else have I been up to? Some work ridiculousness, lots of time reassuring the cat (who is feeling put upon that his playtime buddy is not here to throw him a toy mouse the right way - my way is, apparently, wrong), and just trying to catch up on some things around the house, I guess. I don't feel I have much to show for my month of silence.

I am pleased to report that the season's CSA shares started up again a couple of weeks ago. My awesome stepsister got me some fabulous cookbooks in preparation for the growing season. I am excited to really dig into them (I've stocked up on quinoa, farro, and other crazy grains)... but thus far, I've just been excited to make big ol' veggie sandwiches and lots of sauteed spinach. I'll get more adventurous with the next batch!


  • Hang in there, he will be home again before you know it. :)

    By Anonymous Moth, at 6/20/2008 2:18 PM  

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