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Friday, March 02, 2007


As most people are, I think, aware of my ongoing love affair with public radio, it will not be a surprise to hear that the husband and I headed out last night for a live recording of This American Life. We were thrilled to see Sarah Vowell, David Rakoff, and Dan Savage present pieces inspired by "What I Learned From Television"; this theme was selected specifically because the evening was also serving as a fundraiser/awareness-raiser about the new This American Life television show (it seemed very important to Ira Glass that his audience like it, which was cute... and understandable, given that some people hissed and booed him when he mentioned having moved to New York to work on it).

Anyway, Ira Glass pointed out that many of the TV-oriented stories might be lost on the audience crowded into the Chicago Theater, as he felt it was a group of people that might be more likely to eschew television, saying things like, "Oh, well, I do enjoy NOVA." And I found myself weirdly proud to be representing the small sliver of the Venn diagram where TV addicts and public radio addicts overlap - perhaps because it was clear that Ira Glass himself falls into that category as well.


  • Credit where credit's due (sorry...): The "Nova" line was David Rakoff's. Ira Glass was far on the other side of the spectrum, unembarrassed by his love for “The OC.”

    By Blogger melz3000, at 3/03/2007 3:49 PM  

  • I like to think that somewhere lurking beneath my video-game playing, internet-addicted, cartoon-loving exterior is a nugget of being cultured and well-rounded* that while not addicted to public radio, can listen to it and appreciate it.

    (*It sort of lurks in my soul like a moray eel ready to leap out and strike the unsuspecting.)

    By Anonymous Moth, at 3/05/2007 6:10 AM  

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