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Sunday, January 25, 2009

41 Weeks and Counting

So for those of you keeping score at home, yes, Ozmodiar's estimated date of delivery was Monday, January 19. And for those of you assuming we've just forgotten about you... while I must admit I wish that were the case, that I had, in fact, given birth and just flaked on communicating that to my friends, no, the stubborn little stinker is still hanging out inside my uterus.

The husband has pointed out that he and I both tend to be just a tiny bit stubborn (I know you're all shocked by that revelation!) and, as such, perhaps should not be surprised by our offspring's reticence.

If he or she doesn't choose to make an appearance within the next few days, we'll head to the hospital later this week for an induction. (The husband was glad to hear that "induction" is the official medical term rather than "inducement" since, as he pointed out, we've been trying inducement for days now, shouting at my belly, "Hey, come on out! Bush is out of office! We have great things out here like chocolate and video games!" These efforts, clearly, have been to no avail.)

So there you have it. Hopefully you'll see a blog post and/or e-mail (from him, clearly, not from me) by the end of the week. Thanks, as always, for the well wishes that you've been sending our way, and wish us luck!!!


  • Thanks for the update, I have been hoping that all was okay.

    Maybe the thought of being born in Chicago during the winter just doesn't sound like a good idea.

    Or maybe the thought of being born in a city that allows this to happen, http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090126/ap_on_re_us/boy_fake_officer, is scary. :)

    Maybe the thought of sharing a birthday with me is too appealing, and 1/28 will be the day. :)

    By Anonymous Moth, at 1/26/2009 6:00 AM  

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