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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Band Candy

I appreciate a Dorothy Gale homage as much as (probably more than) anybody - but why does Buffy sport the braids? Why? Was this a '90s thing? Because I don't remember it being a '90s thing.

And on the subject of Why: Why is Angel doing tai chi? What does this have to do with his hell dimension PTSD?

And how had I forgotten how painfully unsubtle this ep was about putting Giles in a surrogate father position?

And perhaps most importantly... how was this the best plan for collecting a handful of babies to deliver to a demon as tribute? How could Ethan have been so sure that EVERY ADULT IN TOWN would consume enough candy so a to leave the entire maternity ward abandoned? What's more, it looks like there were actually only four babies taken... was good old-fashioned kidnapping out of the question?

I mean, I enjoy adolescent Giles, Joyce, and Snyder as much as anyone, but the set-up that gets them there strikes me, for the first time, as insanely contrived. I mean, I know, it's Buffy, suspension of disbelief, yadda yadda yadda... but still... really?

That said, unexpected effect while watching: the audio of the crying babies awaiting the feeding really got to me. Damn it, motherhood! I shouldn't get all verklempt just from hearing crying babies!!!


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