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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dead Man's Party

Last weekend saw the perfect storm of me not feeling well and the kid being more tantrum-y than usual. A nap was in the cards, except I suspected I wouldn't actually sleep, given that being horizontal inevitably led to not being able to breathe through my nose. It was the perfect time to resurrect Buffython! Except then, clearly, I didn't feel like actually writing anything when I was done. So I dashed down a few notes, but we'll see what happens here.

This ep is necessary , but kind of boring. Yes, Buffy's loved ones needed the chance to vent, but the set-up is overly contrived. And also, given that Joyce was all excited about having a nice dinner party, why did she allow the gathering to turn into a high school kegger? - what kind of mom doesn't shut the party down BEFORE the rock band sets up their equipment? In other news, I've clearly gotten spoiled by watching Walking Dead, because DAMN this was some weak zombie make-up.

To be fair, this episode does have some stuff to recommend it. First and foremost: Jonathan! Addressed by Buffy (during the epic blow-out in which her friends finally tell her that running away was a selfish bitchcake move) as "you, by the dip, do you have anything to say?" (He responds, hilariously mid-dip, "No... I'm good.") Also, Giles' immortal line, often repeated in our house, "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead! AMERICANS."

Mostly, though, the episode remains one long round of set-up. Buffy gets back into school and into her friends' good graces and the Mayor continues to be obliquely referred to in ominous tones.


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