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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Faith, Hope, and Trick

So I was going to nap after the last episode. But then I realized that this was the next one. I always forget that Faith and Mr. Trick, two AWESOME characters, were introduced at the exact same time.

We have a group of friends that has a duck. Not Duck, actually, is his proper name. And Not Duck has traveled the world and met many celebrities. Now, during our tenure in Chicago, as subscribers to Steppenwolf Theatre, we saw lots of moderately famous actors perform, but we never felt the need to wait by the stage door to meet them. Until, that is, K. Todd Freeman, Mr. Trick himself, appeared in Steppenwolf's Tempest. The only time we've lurked at the stage door. So worth it!

So clearly, I am a fan of Mr. Trick and, as such, I'm a fan of this episode. While the so-old-he's-cloven-hooved Kakeestos (sp?) is a little lazily reminiscent of the Master and Faith's overcome-your-fear-and-be-a-stronger-person storyline is cliched, I'm willing to forgive thanks to the very fact that this episode brought Mr. Trick and Faith into the Buffyverse. Also, I remain obsessed with the line, "Sunnydale ain't exactly a haven for the brothers."

(And for the record, K. Todd Freeman made an excellent Caliban.)


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