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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Movies - both Good and Not So Good

With the husband being on spring break, last weekend brought lots of movie watching: in theaters, Zodiac. Really, really good, and not just because it featured one of the most amazing casts I've ever seen assembled in one place (I mean, you're settling in, and all of a sudden - Charles Fleischer! Clea DuVall! John Carroll Lynch! Adam Goldberg! And that's just the ones I remember off the top of my head!). It was a veritable that-guy paradise.

Actually, though, John Carroll Lynch was kind of distracting. Because he played Jake Gyllenhall's dad in Bubble Boy, which is one of the most vastly under-rated films ever. And every time I contemplated the two of them at the same time (which was something Zodiac required), I'd frequently find myself thinking, "He's not dead - you're not dead, Jimmy!" If you've never seen Bubble Boy, you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, but if you have, you're laughing really hard right now. Unless you have no soul. And that's your problem, not mine.

Anyway, the movie-watching continued with a group gathering on Saturday night to watch a friend's recently-acquired VHS copy of The Stepfather. Said friend has been obsessed with The Stepfather for years, so he bought it immediately upon finding it on sale for $3, despite the fact that he, himself, does not own a VCR. Because we do, we got to benefit from his purchase, and we are so pleased that we did.

It was, obviously, completely ridiculous, but it really owned its ridiculousness, never bothering with questions of motivation, or logical plot points, or even decent follow-through. It was just an hour and a half of utter predictability, and various incarnations of Terry O'Quinn. According to imdb, there's a remake planned for 2008 - we're so there!

And lastly, after The Stepfather was over, what was I to do but put The Turkish Wizard of Oz in the DVD player? About this, I have no words. Seriously, just read the Film Threat review. It was a pretty extraordinary experience, to say the least.


  • Dorothy's name is Zeynep! Aaahhhh!

    By Blogger Adam875, at 3/21/2007 12:56 AM  

  • "He's not dead - you're not dead, Jimmy!"

    Who said not having a soul was a problem? :)
    I actually didn't see the movie, but am wondering how close my guess is. I figure somewhere at the end of the movie he ends up outside his bubble, probably because he wanted to kiss the girl, and the surprise is that he is okay. Am I close?

    By Anonymous Moth, at 3/21/2007 5:34 AM  

  • The best reason to see Zodiac is the list of Plot Keywords from its imdb entry:

    Alcoholism / Child In Peril / Newspaper Reporter / Dead Animal / Shot In The Chest

    They should have put that on the poster, but punctuated correctly: Alcoholism! Children In Peril! Newspaper Reporters! Dead Animals! Shot In The Chest!

    - - - - - - - - -----

    Wait, I saw this movie. What dead animal?

    By Blogger I., at 3/21/2007 2:23 PM  

  • Moth - of course you're right. I never said the movie wasn't predictable, just freakin' funny.

    I - I've been sitting here for five minutes thinking about it. I can't come up with any dead animals. Except, you know, all the dead humans.

    By Blogger mcm, at 3/21/2007 2:42 PM  

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