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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Pack

I have a bunch of work to do from home today, but it's all work that can easily (and justifiably) be done in front of the television. AWESOME. Especially since my Buffy viewing is likely to slow down next week with the season premiere of Degrassi (woo-hoo!).


First, I love that Dodgeball is the go-to method of expressing high school aggression. I enjoy this scene almost as much as the one from "Freaks & Geeks." Again... my experience not being normal, did people really play ultra-violent dodgeball in high school? I dimly remember playing it in grade school - which might be more disturbing.

And clearly, when I lamented the impending death of Principal Flutie, I did not realize just how soon it would come. Bob Flutie, we hardly knew ye. But at least you got one of the best deaths ever.

This episode seems to be the first use of Joss Whedon's "When in doubt, put Willow in danger" rule. The hyena folk just didn't seem like that much of a real threat, though, so it wasn't that effective. More effective than the later "put a random suburban family in danger" maneuver, though - what was up with that?

Anyway, "The Pack" is all kinds of silliness, but I really enjoy it. Maybe because it sort of embraces its silliness, what with the eating of Flutie and Herbert and the glowing eyes and all.


  • I give Flutie props for inspiring one of my favorite jokes on the show, in one of my favorite episodes. "That kind of wooly heading liberal thinking leads to being eaten."

    By Blogger melz3000, at 7/15/2011 3:51 PM  

  • "They...ate principal Flutie?"

    My high school experience wasn't entirely typical either, but more so than yours. We definitely played dodge ball (and its team-free version, Elimination) in elementary school and not once in high school. And the thing is, I LOVED dodge ball. I've never understood its use in pop culture to denote nerddom, because the thing is, you don't really need much athletic skill to play it. And if you don't feel like playing, it's the easiest thing in the world to get yourself out!

    By Blogger Adam807, at 7/16/2011 11:33 AM  

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