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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered

Not a great episode, but entertaining enough as Xander's Cordelia-intended love spell goes horribly awry. The early season Xander-centric episodes tried to rely too much on comic relief, I think.

I believe it's the second appearance for both Amy and Harmony, which is kind of fun in and of itself - I like the way the Whedonverse takes bit players, gives them a few more lines, then a few more lines, then, suddenly, they're central characters. Given hindsight, it was fun to watch Harmony get to play the queen bee for once - you know she reveled in it for the two days it lasted.

But speaking of who gets to be Queen Bee - if Cordelia's minions turned on her just for dating Xander, why would they not reject the girl with the hair straight from 1966?


  • Maybe there was some overreliance on humor in the early Xander episodes, maybe... But give him some credit for being able to pull off the silly-funny moments. Probably the best person in the cast for broad humor.

    And I have to give this one a pass because it has one of my favorite sight gags: toward the end, Xander nails the wood plank across the door that opens outward from the basement. Love that.

    By Blogger melz3000, at 9/08/2011 11:44 PM  

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