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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Oops - I mixed up my one-word episode titles. I remain several episodes behind Adam807. D'oh!

Anyway, monumental episode remains monumental. Angel is evil, Judge is dispatched ("What's that do?"), Xander and Cordy are outed, Willow and Oz are adorable, and Giles is fatherly. It is good. All that said, a couple of notes on less-monumental items I may not have noted before:

First, while I'd remembered, of course, that it's Xander's army knowledge that allows them to steal the rocket launcher, I'd forgotten that it's actually entirely his plan - go, Xander! Perhaps you should remember this moment in a year when you're feeling like the Zeppo!

Second, I have long been amused by the fact that the movie theater featured in the Buffy/Angel fight scene has, like, half a dozen Quest for Camelot posters, and no other movie paraphernalia in sight. Quest for Camelot is a Warner Bros. joint, and Buffy aired on the WB, and I assume this meant no one had to pay for the Quest for Camelot images (esp. since they feature drawings, not pictures of actual humans), but I still find it distracting.

And last, perhaps because this was on my mind, I picked up on another copyright-related moment: when Joyce says happy birthday to Buffy, then asks, "I don't have to sing, do I?" You know, it's very rare that you hear anyone singing "Happy birthday to you" on film or television - because the song is still copyrighted (and will be until at least 2030) and producers don't want to shell out for the privilege. Bam! Inconsequential dorky trivia imparted!


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