Ozzily Yours

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sometimes, Hotness is Not Enough

So I have developed this obsession with Paul Adelstein, based strictly on his work in "Prison Break" and Intolerable Cruelty. His character in Intolerable Cruelty was such a 180 from his character in "Prison Break," and both were so very well done, that I became convinced that he is simply a genius. And I still believe that... but I also believe that, like everyone, some days he's just got bills to pay, because he's made some questionable career decisions. My newfound obsession, though, means that I have to look past those questionable career decisions if I want to continue to experience his genius.

And thus it was that I recently found myself watching Bedazzled (thank you, Netflix!). A little embarrassing, yes - but it also provided a chance for me and the husband to once again test the Brendan Fraser rule: namely, no matter how crappy a movie he's in, Brendan Fraser somehow manages not to embarrass himself. I believe the rule was first conceived during Monkeybone (which is under-rated, but that's a post for another day), and finalized during the Looney Tunes movie.

Anyway, the interesting thing was, Bedazzled wasn't that bad a movie. Well, actually, it was - but only half of it was. The other half was AWESOME. The scenes in which Brendan Fraser was dropped into alternate universes, all populated by Adelstein, Orlando Jones, Carnivale's Toby Huss, and Hedwig's Miriam Shor, are inspired. And no, I'm not kidding. And if they set the standard for the entire movie, I would seriously call it an extraordinary comedy.

Unfortunately, then Elizabeth Hurley comes along and screws it all up. She is so appalling, so untalented, so ridiculous, every time she appears onscreen, whatever momentum the movie has built up comes to a screeching halt. (Also, I end up shouting, "HATE!" repeatedly at the television.) I really came to think of it as two movies in one - the one with excellent comedic actors who are willing to revel in the ridiculousness of their roles, and the one where someone thought that as long as Elizabeth Hurley was hot, no one would notice that she sucked.