Ozzily Yours

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todd and I met in an elevator in Regents Park during the Progressive Party - just a week into Orientation. I don't remember how the conversation started, but we were soon thick into a discussion of Star Trek. (Later that same night I met Zimran and we talked about Buffy... nice to confirm early on I was surrounded by fellow geeks.)

A group of us wiled away many an Friday evening at the U of C pub. Todd loved playing shuffleboard with anyone who was willing. We also spent time exploring the options on the Jukebox, watching Chris dance to Britney Spears, splitting pitchers of beer and curly fries, and discussing... who knows what? Classes, economic theory, movies, the girls that they weren't getting.

We frequently shared cabs home from TNDC. One Friday afternoon after one such ride I ran into Todd in Cox and he told me that, the night before, he had been so drunk he couldn't untie his shoelaces and resorted to sawing them off with a knife.

The first time Todd met Marc, he spent 20 minutes babbling about how porn was the perfect business model and anyone with any sense would realize that was the place to invest (this was well before Avenue Q popularized that theory with "The Internet is for Porn"). He was comfortable sharing random opinions with anyone who would listen.

Todd always made me laugh. Even when we were arguing (not infrequent, I was quite the liberal by U of C standards) he made me smile.

When I got laid off a year or two after graduation, I headed out to New York to crash with my stepsister for a few days. I called Todd at the last minute to see if he wanted to catch up. As always, it was like no time had passed... we ended up in a dark corner of a pub throwing back pints, alternately yelling at each other and laughing hysterically.

Todd met and married a wonderful woman - a woman we all teased him was too good for him. I loved spending time with them and watching her rib him, all the while their genuine affection for each other totally on display.

Apparently something happened that made Todd not want to be around anymore. I sort of wish I knew what it was... I wish I could have tried to talk him through it. I wish I could say good-bye. I wish I had a way to tell Rebecca how much my heart breaks for her loss. I wish I had told him more explicitly how much I liked him, how much he meant to me. I wish he were still with us.

I will miss Todd very, very much. I know I'm not the only one.