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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To Sum Up: Anthropomorphized: Good; Suicidal: Bad

When I was in college, many of my friends thought I had a problem with anthropomorphized food.

This was untrue. I only had a problem with a very specific kind of anthropomorphized food.

The subject came up because I had issues with this M&Ms commercial that was all over the place in the mid-'90s. It was a cartoon in which the M&Ms all went to boot camp. They were living in barracks, doing obstacle courses, saluting their superiors, diving into vats of colored... something... which would eventually create their colorful candy shells.

The thing that killed me was that these M&Ms were training to be the very best M&Ms they could be. And why? So they could be consumed by greedy humans. It's like M&Ms were lemmings or something, not only resigned to their suicidal fates, but actually excited about them... I guess M&Ms were the precursors to suicide bombers. I don't know if they were promised 70 M&M virgins in heaven, though.

So I used to complain about this commercial a lot (because, you know, I watched TV a lot), leading many people to erroneously believe I just had problems with walking, talking food, or food with faces (which I so did not! just ask my roommate how much I loved her happy M&M man, who dispensed candy to all who came to our house!). He understood, though, exactly where I was coming from, which is why, as soon as I got online this morning, he sent me this.

I'm so glad to know someone else understands where we're coming from.

(I have since realized that he must have found that link here, so credit where credit's due.)


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