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Friday, July 15, 2011


This episode isn't bad, per se... but it's not really memorable. I'm sure that the first time around, the revelations about Angel, Darla, and the Master were mind-blowing, rewatching it just isn't all that. That may also be because I've been finding Angel annoying since episode 1. I think David Boreanaz was better used on "Angel" (and perhaps in later seasons of "Buffy," we'll see) when he was allowed to have a sense of humor and do something besides brood handsomely. (For the record, I also find Xander's crush on Buffy tiresome... though Willow's crush on Xander is still adorable. Can Alyson Hannigan do no wrong???)

Interesting, though, that Darla tried to kill Buffy with a gun. It's not that often that you see modern weaponry in "Buffy."


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