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Friday, August 26, 2011

What's My Line? pt 1

Spike and Drusilla are delightfully loopy - I think I'm going to go on record as saying they might have been the best Big Bad of all the seven seasons. Not in terms of evil or anything, but for sheer entertainment value. Glory (season 5) was entertaining, but much more predictable. We'll see, maybe I'll change my mind as I keep watching, but for now, I'm picking them as my favorites.

And speaking of entertainment: "How'd you know?" "I... lurk." The first time David Boreanaz gets to be funny as Angel! Woo-hoo!

On a more thoughtful note, it occurs to me how important the introduction of Kendra is, in that it's a great reminder that Joss Whedon wasn't afraid to muck with the form. Think about it - the show opens every episode with the intonation that "Into each generation a slayer is born," implying there's only one at a time, and less than halfway into season 2, he's messing with that formula. Go, Joss! (Although, seriously, what's up with that accent?)


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