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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reptile Boy

Things I Really Enjoyed About This Episode:
  • The premise that is pretty much the same as The Skulls*, except for how it involves a GIANT SNAKE DEMON
  • The very important lesson that going to a frat party is not just a bad idea, it will get you eaten by a GIANT SNAKE DEMON
  • Xander's frat party disguise, featuring a red polo shirt and slicked-down hair
  • The way the frat house is right next to a graveyard - is everything in Sunnydale right next to a graveyard?
  • The opening pan across said graveyard which includes a tombstone that simply says "DAD" and a tiny pyramid
  • The appearance of Jordana Spiro, of My Boys** fame, as the first snake-demon-sacrifice
  • Another appearance by Danny Strong - this time referred to by name as Jonathan!
*The Skulls features one of my all-time favorite pieces of dialogue: "If it's secret and elite, it can't be good!" It is also the reason I still, and will forevermore, refer to Paul Walker as Caleb, no matter how many Fast & Furious movies he does.

**please note that I am aware that no one else watched My Boys, but it featured both awesome shots of Chicago and Jim Gaffigan, both of which make me even happier than all the items listed above.


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