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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Inca Mummy Girl

First, and most importantly: woo-hoo for the first appearance of Danny Strong! Every time I wade through a schlock-tastic episode and start thinking it's about time to bail on this project, something comes along that reminds me how much goodness is yet to come - so now I'm excited for days/weeks/months from now when I watch Earshot and Superstar.

And that said... yeah, if it weren't for Danny Strong, I might almost be done here. You know, for a group of folks who spend an inordinate amount of time investigating supernatural phenomena, it really takes them an awfully long time to register that a) Ampada somehow switched gender before arriving at Buffy's for the cultural exchange and b) every time the mystical mummy seal comes up in conversation she insists that it should be destroyed. And also, how does a 500-year-dead Inca Mummy Girl speak such good English?

In other wonderings, I'm intrigued by the fact that, for Oz's first appearance, Seth Green doesn't just turn up in the guest starring list - he gets a special "and Seth Green as Oz" at the end. What kind of cred did Seth Green had that he warranted that? Don't get me wrong, I love Can't Hardly Wait as much as anybody (probably more than most, frankly), but it still struck me as a little odd. Guess the guy had a really good agent. And now he spends all his time making Robot Chicken.


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