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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One of His Many Nicknames is "Spazzmatazz"

I try not to anthropomorphize the cat too much, but sometimes he just makes it so difficult!

For the last two weeks, the husband has been at home many mornings, and sometimes for much of the day, which means the cat was getting LOTS of attention at all hours. Yesterday was the husband's first day of law school Orientation, though, which meant we were both out of bed by 7:30 (no post-breakfast cuddle time, something kitty had gotten used to), and the house was devoid of humans for about 12 hours. And I swear, the cat was PISSED. When I got home at about 8:15 last night, all he wanted was to cuddle, but shortly thereafter, it was like he suddenly remembered, "That's right, I'm pissed off at you." And he started racing around the apartment, yowling like a maniac. Here's hoping he gets over it soon, because I sure as hell don't have the energy for it.


  • Last night Radish was on a rampage. He attacked me suddenly and swiftly from behind, hurting the hell out of my leg. He tried that a few more times but I was on to him.

    This morning when my alarm went off he got into bed with us, all head butts and snuggles and cuteness. I'd like to believe he was saying "I'm sorry," and not just "My food dish is empty."

    By Blogger Adam875, at 9/20/2006 2:53 PM  

  • I wonder how a shock collar would do on a cat.......

    By Anonymous Moth, at 9/20/2006 7:23 PM  

  • We've actually been trying tricks from The Dog Whisperer and they're alarmingly effective. The only problem is they rely heavily on attitude - you have to really believe what you're doing and behave like the "alpha cat" - but Radish so clearly owns us that it's a tough sell.

    By Blogger Adam875, at 9/21/2006 9:44 AM  

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