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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Something the Tourists Can't Get at Home... (except they totally can)

People have varying opinions about the Taste of Chicago. Some folks decry it unilaterally, complaining about the crowds, the garbage, the price you end up paying, the crap beer they serve (ok, well, I hate that part, too). Some people look forward to it every year, and think it really is one of the best things Chicago has to offer.

I fall somewhere in the middle - I won't go out of my way for the Taste, but if I have the opportunity, sure, I'll drop 20 bucks in order to have some delicacies that I don't get often, such as deep-fried artichoke and crawfish and goat (not to mention all the hell-spawn pork and shellfish); and I can usually time it well, getting there early during a given meal period (say, 11:30 or 5:30) so that I get some good people-watching in, but it's not too insanely busy.

And I am proud of the fact that this city that I love has the opportunity to showcase some of the amazing cuisine it produces. Which is why I was a little taken aback by an item close to the end of this piece yesterday, to which I can only reply: I am not sure that Potbelly is not the best that Chicago has to offer.

Seriously? Potbelly???


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