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Friday, July 15, 2011

I, Robot... You, Jane

I was dreading watching this episode, remembering it as incredibly lame. Imagine my surprise - and, ultimately, disappointment - when I realized it actually could have been kind of cool!

Make no mistake, the opening with the monks and the chanting and the stupid demon is dumb. But the moment when Willow scans the book and then the "Where am I?" slowly appears?... Actually a tiny bit chilling.

And then ruined by, well, everything else. The misrepresentation of how computers work. The bad graphics. The bad sound (that demon voice is so not intimidating). The bad plotting (really, Dave? you couldn't get out of that noose?). The use of the phrase, "I'm jacked in." ARGH!

It is a travesty that this episode marked Jenny Callendar's first appearance.


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