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Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's My Line? pt 2

Okay, the fight scene in the church - as Spike is attempting, via a ritual somehow involving Angel (although it's unclear exactly why it's going to kill him) to bring Drusilla back to health - is EPIC. Seriously awesome, with multiple fights going on, good action sequences, and a healthy dose of humor (I don't remember noticing Willow admonishing Giles to "Hold him still!" before staking what I assume was her first vamp). And the scene at the end, where Drusilla rises from the ashes , with the destroyed organ all around her, and tells Spike she'll make him strong again, like her - legitimately chilling.

So it's a shame that the very last shot of the ep, in which Dru carries Spike out of the smoldering church, is ruined by uber-cheesy CGI. Seriously, it make me giggle and forget (briefly) all of the goodness that had come before.

But so much goodness! The assassins are, frankly, AWESOME villains, and I'm so pleased that the Xander-Cordelia storyline actually starts off well (which will finally take my mind off Xander's annoying Buffy crush).

Still, though, nothing - NOTHING - compares to Oz looking at Willow and saying, "You've got the sweetest smile I've ever seen. So anyway, what I'm wondering - do you think all the other animals are mad that the monkey gets to wear pants?" That moment, right there, might be the reason for my enduring crush on Seth Green. And Alyson Hannigan.


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