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Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Just What I Need

The scene: I am sitting on the couch stickering* with Bring It On happily ensconced in the DVD player. The husband wanders out from the office and watches me singing along to "You're Just What I Need," the song that Cliff writes for Torrance to encourage her in getting through her cheerleading woes.

The Husband: Do you own the soundtrack to this movie?
Me: Yeah, but this song isn't on it, which really pisses me off.

And then I continue singing along. Because I know all the words. At which point it begins to dawn on me that perhaps I've watched Bring It On too many times....

*over 5,000 cards stickered and counting! No thanks to Bring It On, though, productivity was dismally low during that one, because I have to watch all the cheerleading scenes and the entire Sparky Palastri sequence....


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