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Friday, July 15, 2011


Blah, blah, blah, face your fears. Clowns aren't so scary, your parents didn't break up because of you, you're not going to become a vampire. It's not good to abuse children, even (especially?) when the moppet in question appears to be a doppelganger for a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Clearly, I need a break.

But before that, I posit this question: given that this episode took pains to establish that Buffy's father is, in fact, a decent, stand-up kinda guy, why was he later portrayed as a skirt-chasing deadbeat dad? I mean, this wasn't a throwaway thing, we were clearly meant to recognize that their relationship was going to be pretty solid going forward. I'm thinking it was just easier to forget that ever happened... which is what frustrates me even more. Lazy, yo!

Man, am I excited for all that new Degrassi next week.


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